server load – Why my wordpress Site TTFB is more than FCP and LCP


When I check one of the heaviest articles of my WordPress site on Google Pagespeed tool, I mostly find the “Remove Initial Server Response Time” higher than the FCP and LCP.
For example if the FCP ad LCP are 0.4 seconds, the initial server response time is around 0.9 seconds. This looks strange.
According to what I have studied if the Initial server response or TTFB is higher then that is supposed to block the FCP and LCP and increase their timings also proportionately.
In short, the FCP and LCB time should be higher than the TTFB time?

Swagatam Majumdar 1 month 2023-02-11T23:25:39-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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