server – How to Speed Up Heavy WordPress Woocommerce Website?


It’s been a very long time researching about the fastest wordpress setup and speeding up a heavy wordpress woocommerce website. Tried many things, and still I don’t know what works the best. I really need help regarding this.
My Current Server:
Vultr High Frequency VPS (Frankfurt) / 4GB RAM / 2 vCPU / 128 SSD / Ubuntu 16.04 x64
Wordpress on ServerPilot / PHP 8.0

Theme & Major Plugins :
Jupiter, Elementor, Elementor Pro, Rank Math, PixelYourSite, Woocommerce, WP Rocket, All In One Security, WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options and more. Total 36 active plugins. All are important, removed or replaced which are not required.

Traffic Daily 1000+ unique visits

I hope the above provided details is sufficient for analysing the situation. I have tried removing plugins one by one, the speeds definitely increases. But what’s the point when the site doesn’t function as needed. I am ready to scale up the server, but will it work? As in the CPU usage is averaging around 5-20% only. RAM is also around 700MB average in use.

What should be done in this case? There is no plugin which is affecting the speed by a huge margin. Except the big ones like Woocommerce, Elementor.

Things I already done:

  1. Compress the images to WEBP.
  2. Cleaned the Database with WP Optimize, and deep cleansed the wp_option table as well.
  3. Using Cloudflare.

Please do let me know what to do in this case or if you need any other information. Want to speed up the website in the backend as well as the frontend.

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