Separating publish date and last modified


Am I correct in understanding that the publish date and the modified date are actually the same thing under the covers in WP?

We have a need to show “this article was last updated on”, which could be 2018 December. But the edit to put this date in our content could be done today, in April 2022. If we change the official modified date to be shown to the world (2018), by changing the publication date in WP, it doesn’t work as it always updates internally the modified date today and the sorting order even by “publish date” seems to reflect the modification today instead of the 2018 days I put in that article.

Am I doing something wrongly? How can we put in a custom publication date in the last while still retaining that this modification was done today?

I’ve tried using “modified” and “publish_date” in the WP Query and the results are confusing.

Khom Nazid 10 months 2022-04-13T15:30:56-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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