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This is my first time to use Yoast SEO plugin in my website, I’m trying to add meta description to every pages and every post in my website.

When I search it on google, seems like the meta description does not show at all, instead google take the content from the website page as the meta description.

When I looked at the page source, there is a content that I set in Yoast SEO as my meta description

For keywords part that I put in my SEO, when I test it in SERPs, the keywords seems does not work at all, SERPs couldn’t match the keywords that I enter with the keywords that already set in my SEO.

this is my website

I already change title tag in my page to be like this to match with the SEO

<title><?php if ( is_category() ) {
    echo 'Category Archive for &quot;'; single_cat_title(); echo '&quot; | '; bloginfo( 'name' );
} elseif ( is_tag() ) {
    echo 'Tag Archive for &quot;'; single_tag_title(); echo '&quot; | '; bloginfo( 'name' );
} elseif ( is_archive() ) {
    wp_title(''); echo ' Archive | '; bloginfo( 'name' );
} elseif ( is_search() ) {
    echo 'Search for &quot;'.wp_specialchars($s).'&quot; | '; bloginfo( 'name' );
} elseif ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) {
    bloginfo( 'name' ); echo ' | '; bloginfo( 'description' );
}  elseif ( is_404() ) {
    echo 'Error 404 Not Found | '; bloginfo( 'name' );
} elseif ( is_single() ) {
} else {
    echo wp_title( ' | ', false, right ); bloginfo( 'name' );
} ?>

Is there any reference that can explain/help me to make the meta description work and the keywords?

Is there any settings that I need to change from the plugin section?

I also have a question for meta description template from the plugin page, do I just leave it blank or should I add some variables?

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