Sending attachment_id only Via Dynamic Content Elementor Pro


I created a custom post loop just with the featured image and the title, and i’m trying to sending dynamic link via featured image with it own attachment id i put custom url and set the data to be attachment URL its returning that http://localhost/mysite/?attachment_id=2739

i need to send it to -> http://localhost/mysite/game/index.php?attachment_id=2739

i have a little game that grabs the image url via its id, but i can’t change the dynamic url to show just the (attachment_id=) its sending that:


i put in advanced options in the before field the right link


there’s any way to remove that path and stay only with attachment_id=?

Thanks in advance

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enter image description here

Jonathan Assuncao Dos Santos 4 months 0 Answers 9 views 0

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