Saving post meta using the new EntityProvider APIs


According to the announcement on the Make WordPress Core blog post it appears that to use post meta on a post things have changed quite a bit.

I’m trying to get a simple block to read and save data from a custom field, and for some reason each time I hit save the data is lost.

I start by registering the custom field in PHP (attached to the init hook):

  register_post_meta('ebook', 'main_video', array(
    'show_in_rest' => true,
    'single' => true,
    'type' => 'string',

and from the block controls I’m trying to then read and set methods to write into that field as follows:

const postType = useSelect((select) => select('core/editor').getCurrentPostType(), []);
  const [meta, setMeta] = useEntityProp('postType', postType, 'meta');
  const url = meta && meta['main_video'];
  const updateUrl = (newValue) => {
    setMeta({ ...meta, main_video: newValue.url });

Both url and updateUrl variables are then consumed by a gutenberg component:

   value={{ url }} 

If I log the values I can see data coming in and being updated, but as soon as I hit save on the post everything is reset.

The ebook post type where this custom field is being registered has support declared for custom-fields.

I’ve followed the official docs on this a few times and couldn’t get it to work as they describe.

Am I missing a key step here or something’s amiss?

Luis Martins 8 months 2020-12-02T10:10:43-05:00 0 Answers 10 views 0

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