risks on hosting wordpress – with the wrong configuration


are there any risks on hosting wordpress – with the wrong configuration

you will notice upgrades request FTP or FTPS credentials as the server
itself does not typically have write access in properly-configured
environments. Entering these credentials for every upgrade can become
quite tedious, and WordPress has implemented some constants you can
define within wp-config.php to make upgrades automatic.

It should be noted here that you can also make upgrades automatic by
setting the file ownership of all files within the WordPress directory
to the same user/group under which the webserver is running. THIS IS

While storing your FTP credentials for a specific user can also be
considered insecure in certain instances, it can be a very safe method
to automate WordPress updates under the proper conditions. Some
general considerations which can make stored credentials MUCH more
secure include:


well can you advice me

– what is needed to run the automated updates of plugins!?
– do i need to have suPHP enabled
– what else do i need to have?

by the way
– i need to have a overview on all necessary conditions and things…. – there a plugin suggests to get done all the things – i t is called infinitewp – but i guess that – to run this – i need to have the horrible server conditions too!?[/quote]

love to hear from you

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