Retrieve value from database and place in ‘src’


I have a problem retrieving a value from the database and placing it in a ‘src’ link.

Normally I used a separate page with the following string for every logged-in customer:

[advanced_iframe securitykey="SECURITYKEY" src="https://LINKTOTHESITE/api/login?account=ACCOUNTNAME&after=ANOTHERACCOUNTNAME&user{{name}}=EMAILADRESS&CHECKSUM" width="100%" height="1800"]

The e-mail address & checksum are now entered per customer in a separate field and stored in the database, and now want to use one page where the string is adjusted / supplemented with the stored data per user.

The link to the page would look like this:

[advanced_iframe securitykey="SECURITYKEY" src="https://LINKTOTHESITE/api/login?account=ACCOUNTNAME&after=ANOTHERACCOUNTNAME&user{{name}}=Here the information must come from the extra field that is added to the customer / subscriber" width="100%" height="1800"]

Unfortunately after an evening and night trying I don’t get it working.

Someone suggested this:
“please check the placeholder in the src:

{usermeta-X [,defaultvalue]}: extract key X from get_user_meta. E.g. {usermeta-last_name}. The optional default value is used if the attribute is not found or set”

But whatever I try, I don’t get it working.

In the database it is this data:
table = wp_usermeta
meta_key = agendalogin
meta_value = the required data (email and checksum)

I don’t see how I get this: get_user_meta ($ user_id, $ meta_key, $ single); as a rule, or where else should I place this.

I use:
Wordpress: 5.2.4
Language: nl_NL (DUTCH)
Server: Apache
PHP Version: 7.2.24

Could someone help me (and want to) make this work?

I would really be very grateful to you.

Thanks in advance.


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