Restricting text field to numbers only in Gravity Forms [closed]


We’re trying to restrict a text field to numbers only. Here’s what we’ve tried

  • Add text field
  • Apply input mask (9999999999)

The problem is that if someone does not fully complete the field, the number is erased when they tab into the next field or if they click anywhere outside of that field. It should not matter how many characters they put into the field, it should just restrict the field to a number.

If one only puts one 9 in the field, it restricts the field to 1 number. With the input mask set to ten 9’s, you can enter 10 numbers. The problem is that if you do not enter the exact number, it clear the field once it loses focus.

We can do this with jQuery but we’re hoping that Gravity has a hidden gem we’ve missed somewhere?

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