rest api – How to connect android app with WordPress website?


after a lot of search on the internet I found that to connect an android application with a wordpress website I have to use JSON API. In my website users are able to register or login to their unique account(Like it is on facebook, gmail, tweeter etc.). The problem I am facing is that I cannot understand how to link the data between the website and the android app so as the users will be able to use both of them with the same account. The problem is that in my JSON API user passwords are stored in hashed form, something like that:

"1": {
        "ID": 1,
        "user_login": "user1",
        "user_pass": "$P$BT6.fyjiaKZVEx/jM8sy5kC4QRkizg.",
        "user_nicename": "user-1",
        "user_email": "",
        "user_url": "http://localhost/MyWebsite",
        "user_registered": "2021-10-27 21:29:02",
        "user_activation_key": "",
        "user_status": 0,
        "display_name": "User 1"
    "2": {
        "ID": 2,
        "user_login": "user2",
        "user_pass": "$P$BArUGOBZAJfD1J3sE8OgRA3Bk1Ynfg/",
        "user_nicename": "user-2",
        "user_email": "",
        "user_url": "",
        "user_registered": "2021-10-31 18:31:32",
        "user_activation_key": "",
        "user_status": 0,
        "display_name": "User 2"

So, is there a way to connect those data with the application?

Gus Rasmusen 2 years 2021-11-28T17:19:23-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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