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I have a plugin that implements a custom post type that contains a fair amount of metadata associated with each post. When I edit a post from the admin page all of the controls on the right side of the page make individual requests for their data when the page loads. This creates a problem in that it is blowing through the Entry Point limit on my (admittedly budget) server host.

Is there a way to make WordPress limit the number of concurrent requests so that the server doesn’t error out. I don’t mind if the page loads slower but need the data to load with the page. I can collapse all the controls before loading the page and expand them one by one or not use the rest api but that isn’t going to work regularly. Eventually, I can upgrade to better hosting but right now I’m just trying to demo the plugin and would like to see if I can get it to work with the current hosting service.

Here’s a short video that demonstrates what is going on:

Before posting this I did a search and found [this thread] (Too many connections to server) which discusses a similar problem. The response was to upgrade the host provider. It is a 9 years old so wondering if anything has changed, especially with the new block editor.

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