require get_template_directory() . ‘path/to-my/file.php’ BREAKS customize > themes functionality


hope to get some help, please <3

i’m building a theme from scratch as an exercise to learn WP and PHP, using WP commercial themes (GeneratePress and WP default themes) as a guide.

when i use:

$theme_dir = get_template_directory();
require $theme_dir . '/inc/structure/header.php';

all the themes disappear when i click ‘customize > change’ to change themes and it displays ‘showing "0" themes’ in right upper corner. iow, the theme thumbnails aren’t loading or otherwise visible. when i comment out the require stmt, it returns to normal.

this is exactly how other professional, commercial themes do it, and i’ve even copy/pasted the code but it still happens.

the file content from the required file is included but also shows on the admin as well as other pages and flashes before the rest of the page loads.

i’ve got basic theme support in functions.php and i’m hooking into wp_head for the viewport meta, pingbacks_url, and skip-to-content link as well as wp_enqueue_scripts for my styles.

i just started, so that’s basically all i have in my theme so far.

i’m not advanced enough to make sense of this but here’s my debug.php:

[16-Dec-2020 20:44:46 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:46 UTC] PHP   1. {main}() /app/public/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:0
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:46 UTC] PHP   2. require_once() /app/public/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:22
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:46 UTC] PHP   3. require_once() /app/public/wp-load.php:37
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:46 UTC] PHP   4. require_once() /app/public/wp-config.php:82
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:46 UTC] PHP   5. include() /app/public/wp-settings.php:525
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:47 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:47 UTC] PHP   1. {main}() /app/public/index.php:0
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:47 UTC] PHP   2. require() /app/public/index.php:17
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:47 UTC] PHP   3. require_once() /app/public/wp-blog-header.php:13
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:47 UTC] PHP   4. require_once() /app/public/wp-load.php:37
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:47 UTC] PHP   5. require_once() /app/public/wp-config.php:82
[16-Dec-2020 20:44:47 UTC] PHP   6. include() /app/public/wp-settings.php:525

i get these inspector console errors regardless of whether the require is there or not:

Unknown property ‘speak’.  Declaration dropped. dashicons.css:27:8
Unknown property ‘speak’.  Declaration dropped. admin-bar.css:231:8
Unknown property ‘speak’.  Declaration dropped. admin-bar.css:308:8
Unknown property ‘speak’.  Declaration dropped. admin-bar.css:508:8
Unknown property ‘speak’.  Declaration dropped. admin-bar.css:614:8
Unknown property ‘speak’.  Declaration dropped. admin-bar.css:844:9
Error in parsing value for ‘min-width’.  Declaration dropped. admin-bar.css:971:14
Error in parsing value for ‘min-width’.  Declaration dropped.

i’m baffled. thanks for any help!

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