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I searched the web for last couple of days for “Reply-to Address” in the email but had no luck so, here I am.

In my wordpress site, there are multiple store owners who can sell their products.
When visitors buy a certain item (listed by different owners), that particular owner gets an email notification (Note that it is mandatory to put the visitor’s email address during checkout process)

However the email is from “Admin” email account.

I searched for how to set up “reply-to” address so the owners can reply directly to the customer’s email address instead of admin account.

Here is an example that I saw which I am trying to achieve:

enter image description here

In this image, the site is abc.ca and the customer@gmail.com bought something. Then the owner@gmail.com got the email, which the owner can now send a reply back to the customer directly from the email.

How can I achieve something like this?


Here is the code that I have now:

 add_filter('woocommerce_email_headers', 'my_from_reply');
 function my_from_reply() {
 return 'From: my@email.here' . "rn";

And this is the customer’s billing email.

 <?php echo $order->billing_email; ?>

How can I modify the first one to include the “billing_email” instead of “my@email.here”

Thank you

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