Replace existing pages with new pages, keep menu links


I basically want a plugin or method that would give the same functionality as ‘Enable Media Replace’ but for replacing pages and posts, instead of redirecting, or manually editing.
I’ve searched high and low and while I’ve found similar, or workarounds, or manual editing of DB, these weren’t ideal, or beyond my abilities.

I’m redesigning an existing WP site, have changed template and have added many new pages, with multiple template level customisations (on >20 pgs), but want to keep the existing (google indexed) links throughout intact – and not have to change menu.

I’d like to ideally: Change urls, slugs, etc of my NEW pages to match these existing links sitewide (leaving existing redundant &/or deleted).

Is there a plugin or method that would be faster than me deleting and manually renaming all the new pages?

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