Remove ‘p’ tags around shortcodes and ‘img’


I’m having trouble removing paragraph tags from around shortcodes.

I’ve tried this solution without success. How to to stop html editor from addig <p> tags to shortcodes, images, etc
and this one – the wordpress empty paragraph shortcode fix.

My shortcodes are created to have an open and close [div]—[end-div]. I’m not sure if that matters. See code example below.

add_shortcode('div', 'be_div_shortcode');
function be_div_shortcode($atts) {
    extract(shortcode_atts(array('class' => '', 'id' => '' ), $atts));
    $return = '<div';
    if (!empty($class)) $return .= ' class="'.$class.'"';
    if (!empty($id)) $return .= ' id="'.$id.'"';
    $return .= '>';
    return $return;
/* Close Div */
add_shortcode('end-div', 'be_end_div_shortcode');
function be_end_div_shortcode($atts) {
    return '</div>';

See screenshot of html:
See screenshot of page editor:

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