Register taxonomy works to add category hiearchy but not tags


I am stuck with a problem that unfortunately is not generating any errors or clues to what is going wrong. I am trying to create two taxonomy for attachment pages, one hierarchical (category) and one not (tag structure).

The category style works fine, the tag one seems to work fine, has its own menu item and page I can add new ones but on the attachment page it is just dead. Clicking the add button does nothing not even create an error.

Example of new taxonomy in admin menu

Here is the code for hashtags that isnt working

  'labels' =>  array(
    'name'              => 'Hashtags',
    'singular_name'     => 'Hashtag',
    'search_items'      => 'Search Hashtags',
    'all_items'         => 'All Hashtags',
    'edit_item'         => 'Edit Hashtags',
    'update_item'       => 'Update Hashtag',
    'add_new_item'      => 'Add New Hashtag',
    'new_item_name'     => 'New Hashtag Name',
    'menu_name'         => 'Hashtag',
  'hierarchical' => false,
  'sort' => true,
  'show_admin_column' => true,
  'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'tags', 'with_front' => false)

For comparison here is the one that works fine :

      'labels' =>  array(
        'name'              => 'Projects',
        'singular_name'     => 'Project',
        'search_items'      => 'Search Projects',
        'all_items'         => 'All Projects',
        'edit_item'         => 'Edit Projects',
        'update_item'       => 'Update Project',
        'add_new_item'      => 'Add New Project',
        'new_item_name'     => 'New Project Name',
        'menu_name'         => 'Projects',
      'hierarchical' => true,
      'sort' => true,
      'show_admin_column' => true,
      'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'projects', 'with_front' => false)


Pretty simple and I am not seeing any problem here and without any errors so I am kind of lost.

Any idea of what else I could check or methods to debug this?

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