Redirection to `edit.php` after saving in the backend


I’ve been battling an issue with one site I manage and haven’t been able to determine where redirection is happening. I’ve seen other posts online about this issue, but the suggestions don’t seem to solve our issue.

Sometimes (not always), saving a post (either blog or custom post type) will kick you over to /wp-admin/edit.php instead of saving and taking you back to where you just were. There doesn’t seem to be much consistency. It’ll also happen in one environment, but not another. It’s been hard to identify a pattern. All I know is backend users are annoyed that they can’t reliably save. This has been going on for a few months that we know of.

Some details:

  • We have this site solo on its own hardware
  • The limits are pretty generous
  • Memory is allowable up to 1GB of RAM
  • max_allowed_packets in MySQL is set high

Tried disabling plugins selectively to see if we can find the culprit with no luck. The truth is, the way this site is built with dependencies, it’s hard to disable plugins like that because site behavior also breaks.

Also did similar with the theme code; removing chunks to see what’s going on.

Something’s definitely happening, but we’re having a hard time pinpointing where to examine further. I’m actually running out of places to look. Any ideas from the community?

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