Redirection after migrating from Multisite to single site


I am rebuilding a wp site. There is an issue that I am not sure about.

Client’s old site is a multisite with two subdomains. So there are three parts –, & In the new site we are combining everything in main domain and won’t use any subdomain.

We will also change the current hosting. So when we make the new site live we will (1) point the domain to the new hosting, (2) transfer the new site form staging server to new hosting and (3) set redirections.

My question is about redirection. We can’t redirect the whole subdomains to main domain. Page urls are different in new site so we will have to set 301 redirection for each page separately.

What is the right place to put the redirection code for the subdomains (ie. > In the new server if I put the 301 codes in the .htaccess file in main directory the will it work?

, Tanvir Islam 11 months 0 Answers 56 views 0

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