Redirect URL on OAuth2.0 after switching from http to https


I’m pretty new to Google OAuth 2.0 config and please allow me to ask this question.

I have a wordpress site which protocol will be updated to https from http. On the site, it pulls data from google api with using OAuth 2.0 with ‘http://*’ as redirect url.

After making the site protocol https, I am going to add redirect setting on wordpress server side from http to https.

My question is whether google api data will be still available on my wordpress site without updating redirect url on OAuth 2.0 since the server side handles redirect. I know I need to update the OAuth 2.0 redirect url to https eventually. The reason I’m asking this is I would like to keep pulling google api data without failing right after switching to https before updating the protocol on OAuth.


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Redirect URL on OAuth2.0 after switching from http to https</a>
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