Recreate the upload folder from a website without having access to the backend/cpanel/filezilla directly from the website


Here’s my scenario:

I’m working on a website, I have access to the dashboard on WordPress BUT:

  1. I can’t install plugins.
  2. I don’t have access to all the folders except for wp-content.
  3. I don’t have access to the Cpanel/filezilla

I’m able to work on the website and copy the database, but I don’t have access to the default image folder, UPLOAD but in order to recreate the structure of the website, I should paste and copy ALL the pages, then extract the images, then create other folder and, at the end of the day, place the images files there and then I could be ok.

I’m wondering if it is possible to do it differently..

Like a chrome extension, some WordPress native function, so anything else.. from outside that website because I’m recreating the website locally.

Any suggestion or hint would be appreciated!

, Marco Maffei 1 year 2020-09-02T08:10:24-05:00 0 Answers 62 views 0

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