Recommendations for a web site feedback tool for naïve users


I need to help a non technical friend living overseas to fix a site thats been poorly built with no up front design, sitemaps etc. They can’t use Trello and dont understand the design/feedback process, so I feel the fastest is to use an easy to use collaborative tool that allows him to annotate the website directly (its still in a staging area) and leave comments for developers to work from. If it could integrate with Trello that would be a plus buts not essential.

I have just found products like ProjectHuddle, UserSnap, Bounce, WP Feedback and a few more, but I dont have the time to install and test them all due to the deadline to finish the site

Has anyone used any of these and can recommend them, for this purpose?

ShayneFromOz 2 months 0 Answers 6 views 0

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