Really dynamic routes in WordPress


My customer asked me to implement really dynamic URL rewriting for WordPress site to looks like
Shown URL depends not on previously entered URL (regex), but based on context – whether city defined or not.
Rule set is the following:

Regex-way here is not applicable here – because add_rewrite_* doesn’t know about city which is not in url.

Laravel-way is most applicable here – when destination pointed exactly or determined additionally by some handler (dynamic behavior).

It would best in WordPress to have something like:

Route::post('/', function($source) {
    // analyze context - city defined or not (not in URL!)
    $targetQuery = '...';
    return $targetQuery;

Is it possible to do something similar to this dynamic approach?

Valery Bulash 2 years 2020-10-25T09:10:36-05:00 0 Answers 8 views 0

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