Re-ordering URL structure for multi-lingual blog


I have a main e-commerce website that sites on, built in PHP & MySQL. (not WordPress)

The website is multilingual, and the URL structure for other languages look like, etc.

Underneath the main root I want to incorporate a WordPress blog, which will sit under

The blog also needs to be multi-lingual. I’m using the WPML plugin for WordPress. This allows me to set directories for different languages, such as, For English (default language) this will just be

However, I want a slightly different URL structure for the multi-lingual versions of the blog. I want these to be for English, but then, etc for other languages.

The issue here is a clash between the main e-commerce website (non-WP) and the blog URLs. Given that the blog will sit under, can I use rewrite rules to force the blog to display the German version when requesting /de/blog for instance?

I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere so I’m asking on here to see if anyone has any insights.

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