Raspberrypi site crash DNS problem?


I’ve installed a LAMP server on my Raspberrypi. All was working fine using this tutorial – https://pchelp.ricmedia.com/setup-lamp-server-raspberry-pi-3-complete-diy-guide/2/

I created a duck.dns (davidhallows.duckdns.org) that points to my external ip address, to resolve the dynamic issue. I also put an A host record onto my external ip, from my domain (davidhallows.com) provider, also working fine. I then redirected my domain to point a CNAME to the duck domain and it’s crashed the whole thing…it could be that it’s taking a while to resolve/bed in but it doesn’t seem right. I can’t login anywhere, just get a stripped back page and then the wp-admin page says “This site can’t be reached davidhallows.com’s server IP address could not be found.”

Do I need to change this in the wp-config.php file, at the minute they are both pointing to davidhallows.com. Does the second one need the internal pi ip?;

• The “Site Address (URL)” setting is the address you want people to type in their browser to reach your WordPress blog.
• The “WordPress Address (URL)” setting is the address where your WordPress core files reside.

Many thanks!


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Raspberrypi site crash DNS problem?</a>
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