Radio Buttons on WPForm not working


I am redesigning and updating a WP website that has a form created with WPForms. This is a live site and this form (an application), as well as the website, cannot go down. It has to be live as much as possible while I’m working on the site.

At the end of last week, I was told the radio buttons weren’t working on this form. I changed them to dropdowns so that the form could be used but, I still need to know of any reasons why this may happen. This was the only option on the form that just stopped working.

I added a header and footer to the page to match the rest of the website but, it was still working after that. It was a few days after that I was told it wasn’t. From what I understand, that form is accessed regularly.

I created a new form in WPForms and added radio buttons to it. Those would not work either.

What could cause radio buttons to freeze like that?


Eunice Hart 2 months 0 Answers 14 views 0

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