Querying specific table row by current user login


I m creating a user based website in WordPress, where each users can create an account and upload data of their records into the website. But I m having trouble thinking of how users can view a database table that presents relevant data to the user.

Its a golf website where the user can lodge in their exercises, what equipment they used and when they exercised.

I m trying to query from my database table for data specific to a currently login user. There is going to be a table named “exercise_record” and each WP user can view their own exercise record

global $wpdb;
$table_name = $wpdb ->prefix. 'exercise_record';

$current_user = wp_get_current_user(); // Getting current user logged in.
$user_id      = $current_user->ID;     // Get user ID to use in meta function.

$rows = $wpdb->get_results(
  FROM $table_name' 
  WHERE user =  %d", $user_id 

foreach  ($rows as $row) 
  $row->, 'exercise_record'
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