Qubely blocks render in editor but not on the front end


Why aren’t Qubely blocks (a plugin for a type of Gutenberg block editor) on recent pages on my site, rendering on the front end? Eg www.gleneirafc.com.au/policies

Demonstration Video 3mins: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/755560?key=d4fced60c1cdd75777723762c5724e68


  1. The same blocks render fine in the editor (see video).

  2. Non-Qubely blocks render fine on the front-end. www.gleneirafc.com.au/2020/member-update-24-september-2020

  3. Problem only affects pages which were saved since about April(?) 2020. In other words pages created/updated in Jan or Feb 2020 with Qubely blocks are stilling render fine on the front-end. www.gleneirafc.com.au/youthfootball

I can’t see any relevant errors or warnings in Chrome inspector.
Chrome inspector shows that some Qubely css is present in the front-end.

I’ve haven’t had much luck with Themeum support so far…

Support: Please provide your wordpress login url, admin user and

Me: I create a dev environment. On it I create ‘Support’ admin account and provide it.

Support: almost showing the same interface in the front end loading the css too but has some issues in some certain parts. Can you please show me a page where its not rendered at all?

Me: I create a new page with only 3 qubeley blocks on it, demonstrating the problem. Process was recorded and video link provided. Same as initial post.

Support: Can we have admin credentials

Me: Here they are again, they haven’t changed.

Support: i require your permission to have the authority to deactivate existing activated plugin

Me: Yes I grant you permission to do anything you like. It is a dev environment and you have full admin permissions.

Support: Your php is 7.2.33 please upgrade to 7.4 or more.

Me: Done. php is now 7.4.9 All plugins deleted. My child theme deleted.
Active theme changed from TwentyThirteen to TwentyTwenty. The problem is still happening dev.gleneirafc.com.au/test7

Support: Increase your php config values to these.

upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 38M
max_execution_time = 900
max_input_time = 900

Me: Done. The problem is still happening dev.gleneirafc.com.au/test7

The current DEV server config:

dev server params

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