profiles – What plugins should we use to allow subscribed users to create posts and also has a user portal to “mark as sold” which removes the post/advert?


We are looking to recreate our website in WordPress. We’ve alot of the basic structure build and now need to start looking at the user post creation and user portal area. We wish to migrate to WordPress mainly for the integration aspect of it and for the increased performance load speed wise.

The current website is a subscription based advertising platform. Users create a login. Sign up to whatever package they wish to use then start creating advertisement listings. Once sold they can then mark them as completed/sold in their member portal area once sold.

we dont handle any of the payments for the items – its purely a space to advertise

We also have a feature which allows for pausing an advert to allow for other adverts to become live (say they have a total allotment of 10 listings. they can pause one and start another while keeping the other advert on the system, but hidden from the end user)

In the current membership portal they can also upgrade/downgrade their subscription package and update payment methods etc.

We originally coded the website ourselves but wish to migrate. However, we don’t know much about WordPress and the available plugins what would the best plugin/plugins to allow for doing a like for like swap to recreate our user login / advert creation and management as well as stripe integration for subscription payments.

If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated to help us reduce our research time I thought i’d reach out to the hive mind of stackoverflow

Currently we are looking into MemberPress and GravityForms but we’re not 100% sure these are the best options for us and I believe we will have to do some manual integration to get the two to work together? Are there any out of the box options which could do all of the above?


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