Product Variations won’t work after changing product thumbnail


So I am having troubles with WordPress’ variations feature. I have a product with three colour option. I’ve added a product, main featured image and gallery images for the product. I’ve then created attributes, variations and added one image each for different variations along with the price and quantity details from WooCommerce’s backend. All this appears fine too on the page. When I’m on the first product thumbnail and looking through variations, it’s working perfectly fine.

However, the minute I click on the second image thumbnail of the product and then try to change the colour variation to see the other colour options, it gets stuck and doesn’t work. The image that I have selected for the variation no longer appears.

I’m not looking for a variation gallery. I don’t need multiple images for the variation so I don’t need a plugin to do the job.

Any suggestions for fixes will be of great help!

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