Problem with cache, plugin Litespeed and server Litespeed


I have been using the wordpress Litespeed plugin on my site Trailer y Estrenos CO. I have the Chemicloud hosting and it uses the Litespeed server, which according to them, it works super well if is used with the plugin of the same name.

On top of that, you started using Cloudflare and I integrated it into the Litespeed plugin.

My problem is the following:

When I measure how optimized the page is after having installed everything mentioned, in GTmetrix at the beginning it gives me a statistic of the B and C range, but soon after in another scan they lower me to C and D.

In the Litespeed plugin I have DNS Prefetch configured and in the first scan of range B and C the DNS Prefetch configuration works as it is, but in the others scans later that go down to ranges C and D, it seems that the DNS Prefetch does not work, since it shows me those external DNS errors.

I don’t know if it’s my ideas, but it seems that the Litespeed plugin didn’t do its job well, although it could be other things.

Should I use another cache plugin? I know that the WP Rocket is very good but the detail is that it is paid.

Any suggestion or help?

Thank you

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