Problem redirecting to a post in a different language


I have a problem redirecting to a post in a different language. I use the Translatepress plugin and when I click on the link of the video or category, etc … it stays on the same page, I think it’s a loop, I give to go to the post and the page is loaded where it was. I have disabled all the plugins, reinstalled the theme, install the website on localhost, restore 3 backups and more, but I don’t see a solution to the problem. This happens to me only on the mobile version of my website that is reponsive.
Everything happened after installing the plugin “Hide my WP” but like I said, I installed the backup and did my best.

Explanation of the problem:
In the default language everything goes well, but when I change the language to the domain, example: when I select the post the web loads but it does not go to the post, but it loads where it was in

In the console in mobile version, the following appears when loading the network:
Network Load

It starts loading with trp-ajax.php when I select the post which contains the following code:

function(d, e) {
                var f, g = b.xhr(), h = ++dc;
                if (, b.url, b.async, b.username, b.password),
                    for (f in b.xhrFields)
                        g[f] = b.xhrFields[f];
                b.mimeType && g.overrideMimeType && g.overrideMimeType(b.mimeType),
                b.crossDomain || d["X-Requested-With"] || (d["X-Requested-With"] = "XMLHttpRequest");
                for (f in d)
                    void 0 !== d[f] && g.setRequestHeader(f, d[f] + "");
                g.send(b.hasContent && || null),
                c = function(a, d) {
                    var f, i, j;
                    if (c && (d || 4 === g.readyState))
                        if (delete ec[h],
                        c = void 0,
                        g.onreadystatechange = n.noop,

The console selects me in green this:

g.send(b.hasContent && || null),

I don’t know what happens, if someone knows or has had a similar problem, thank you.

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