Previous WordPress Admin URL is still accessible [closed]


I’m a newbie in WordPress. Recently, I have migrated a WordPress website to AWS EC2 recently. I have used the All-in-one-WP-Migration plugin for the migration. The current Admin URL is (not the real name).
With the help of a plugin called, WP-Admin Login, I have changes the Admin URL to The new URL is working, but the previous URL is also working. When I type, it is also working.

I have also used another plugin called WPS Hide Login, for changing the name. Again, the old URL is also accessible.

When I logout from the Admin console, it is showing the old URL.

How can I remove the old path and use this new path completely?

, Neron Joseph 3 years 2020-03-31T08:50:59-05:00 0 Answers 97 views 0

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