Preventing WordPress / Avada from automatically adding end/closing shortcodes for a few specific shortcodes [closed]


I’m trying to hide certain content on my website using our Membership Plugin (WishlistMember) of which we can do by using the tags:

  • [wlm_ismember] Content here [/wlm_ismember] – Allows us to show content only to members of the site
  • [wlm_nonmember] Content here [/wlm_nonmember] – Allows us to show content only to unregistered users on the site
  • [wlm_private "Gold" | "Silver" | "Bronze" ] Content here [/wlm_private] – Allows us to only show the content to those specific membership levels
  • [!wlm_private "Gold" | "Silver" | "Bronze" ] Content here [/!wlm_private] – Allows us to only show content to everyone except those specific membership levels

We’re using the theme “Avada” and when I try to hide elements in Fusion Builder like a countdown as you can see below:

Fusion Builder Example

It doesn’t work as intended… the page renders like you can see below:

Rendered Output

You can see there is no start shortcode ([wlm_ismember]) visible but yet there is an end shortcode visible ([/wlm_ismember]) so it looks like either WordPress or Fusion Builder is detecting that an open shortcode exists but no closing shortcode exists in that element / text field so it’s “fixing it” by adding the closed tag immediately

When in reality we want it to ignore that this specific shortcode isn’t being closed or for it to detect the shortcode two elements further down.

How can I instruct WordPress / Fusion Builder to stop automatically adding the closing tag for the listed shortcodes? It’s rather annoying and stops me from doing what I want it to do…


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