? PRESERVE EXACT FORMATTING in copy & paste from FACEBOOK into WordPress (or elsewhere)?


How can I copy and paste from Facebook into WordPress (or elsewhere) and PRESERVE EXACT FORMATTING?

Screenshot? ok, but text etc is better. Both + link would be ideal.

When I paste now, the thread/paragraph structure is intact, but the “likes” etc and profile pic thumbnails don’t display.

I don’t need my whole page/site to look like Facebook, just the content of some pasted posts.

Ideally the screenshot would be displayed as a thumbnail.
I want to include the screenshot so people don’t think I made up or edited the posts.

I don’t want to ONLY include the screenshot because I want people to be able to select and quote parts of the text.

If I copy and paste into Evernote, a link to the source is automatically included.

Can all 3 – screenshot, text etc, link – be pasted – with the text-etc preserving exact formatting? If not, how close is possible?

(From Facebook posts, not Messenger.)

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