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I do know that this question has been asked before, but I’m writing because the solutions I have found didn’t work.

So, I have a lot of posts with ‘post_type’ = ‘post’ that are filtered by a category taxonomy. The category taxonomy has some slugs that are hierarchical, while some of the others are not. I need to create a taxonomy template for each category.

So, for example, I have the following categories:

  1. Events
  2. Case Study (This has children categories such as Public, Health, etc) – All children will use the same template as the parent, in this case, the case study template
  3. Reports

Now, I’ve read on the documentation and on a lot of questions asked on stackexchange different ways of naming the taxonomy template file.

I’ve tried most of the naming of files including the following:

  • taxonomy-category-{slug}.php
  • taxonomy-category.php
  • category-{slug}.php
  • category-{ID}.php
  • taxonomy.php

The post still uses the index.php template to display the post instead of any of the taxonomy created files.

In the wp_term_taxonomy table, I noticed the existence of multiple taxonomies with the same name (in this case category), all with a different ID, of course. The count on them is different, but adding all of them together don’t add up to the amount of posts that I currently have. I’m not sure if this might be the issue (Maybe it doesn’t know which taxonomy to use when there are multiple ones).

Anyone has any suggestions regarding this?

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