pop up ads keep showing in my wordpress site


I have this problem with my WordPress site since I joined google search engine (Idk if that was the cause or not )

Before, it was only a problem with going to my site with google, But now the problem if I entered my URL from any apple device ( i don’t have any other device to check with) with the computer the site works fine

I have tried and talked to the hosting company but nothing came out of it. I have tried all the things I could find online but nothing really worked. I had this problem for about a month now

the site is (www.soldoutksa.com) and the problem is in mobile-only and it is stopping me from starting the business which is suppose to be 2 days ago. Every time you enter pop up ad shows and when you remove them and click in any place in the screen it redirects you to another scam site

If anyone has anything to help that would be great

Thanks, Abdullah

Abdullah Kentab 4 months 0 Answers 15 views 0

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