Polylang wrong link in some product category archives page


I have a WooCommerce with PolyLang in two languages RO, EN. The main language is RO. On the product-category archive in the main RO laguage booth link are ok in the language switcher, but in EN, the RO link points to attachment: /?attachment_id=61

I tryed re flushing the permalink structure, re-naming the slug for the categories, re-attaching the languages, nothing works, you can check the links here (top right):

RO: https://delaneamu.ro/?product_cat=produses-dulci

EN: https://delaneamu.ro/?product_cat=sweet-products&lang=en

Botond Vajna 1 week 2021-11-18T04:11:58-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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