Polylang – Translate Archieves, Loops and Singles created with ACF and CPT


I used Custom Post Types (CPT) and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to create a CPT called Products. I use Elementor to display the products in an Archive. The archive is populated with Loops and Singles using the plugin Ele Custom Skins. In the Loop and and Single pages I then use elementor text fields and the dynamic attributes button to add the data by selecting the corresponding ACF Field.

The problem I have is that the archieve, loop and single is not translated although I bought Polylang Pro and ACF Pro to translate the CPT and the custom fields. I can create a translated version for each product but I can’t select the english custom field in the dynamic attribute section. Therefore the loop displays the english articles but with the german text.

Any tipps and tricks welcomed!

Tom Muller 4 months 0 Answers 31 views 0

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