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I use the plugin Ultimate Auction for WooCommerce and I would like to display information about the latest auctions on the first page.
I have some information provided by the plugin developer but my knowledge is not so advanced that I can display this information on the site:

The bid history data comes from the “woo_ua_auction_log” database
table. We have added the code for the bid history table in the below

Go to Ultimate Auction for WooCommerce -> templates -> woocommerce ->
single-product -> tabs -> uwa-bids-history.php

We have also developed the below functions which help you to display
the latest(current) bid value and bidder name. It includes in the
class-uwa-product.php file of the auction plugin.

$current_bidder = $product->get_woo_ua_auction_current_bider();
$current_bid = $product->get_woo_ua_auction_current_bid();

Below is the meta_key in which the current bid information is stored
in the database.

woo_ua_auction_current_bid woo_ua_auction_current_bider

If anyone can help me, I remain grateful.
Thank You

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