plugins – Where are Ultimate Member icons stored?


I’ve added a custom tab to my Ultimate Member accounts page. I want to set an icon, but I’m not sure where the UM icons are stored. It looks like there are a few standard options, I’d rather pick from one of those instead of trying to make my own that fits the theme. When I search in the file manager I can’t find anything.

Here is my code, but it’s fairly standard:

add_filter('um_account_page_default_tabs_hook', 'my_custom_tx_in_um', 100 );
function my_custom_tx_in_um( $tabs ) {
    $tabs[800]['mytx']['icon'] = 'CUSTOM ICON HERE'; 
    $tabs[800]['mytx']['title'] = 'My Transactions';
    $tabs[800]['mytx']['custom'] = true;
    return $tabs;

add_action('um_account_tab__mytx', 'um_account_tab__mytx');
function um_account_tab__mytx( $info ) {
    global $ultimatemember;
    extract( $info );

    $output = $ultimatemember->account->get_tab_output('mytx');
    if ( $output ) { echo $output; }

add_filter('um_account_content_hook_mytx', 'um_account_content_hook_mytx');
function um_account_content_hook_mytx( $output ){
    <div class="um-field">
        echo 'Hello'
    $output .= ob_get_contents();
    return $output;

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