plugins – Want to build parent-child relationships between custom post types created with CPT UI


I’ve gone through similar queries from the past but couldn’t find a solution that works for me.

So I created 3 different custom post types with the CPT UI plugin. They are called ‘careers’, ‘vacancies’, ‘our-staff’, respectively.

What I want to achieve is set ‘careers’ as the parent, and both ‘vacancies’ and ‘our-staff’ as children of ‘careers’, so that the breadcrumb lists on the children pages dynamically show as follows:

Home > Careers > Vacancies

Home > Careers > Our Staff

In the CPT UI interface, hierarchical is set to ‘true’ for all 3 custom post types.

For the two intended children pages ‘vacancies’ and ‘our staff’, ‘Parent’ is set as ‘careers’.

However the breadcrumb lists on the intended children pages still show as

Home > Vacancies

Home > Our Staff

i.e. skipping the parent page.

When I try getting the parent page ID of the children pages, it shows as “0” meaning the parent page is not set as intended.

I’ve tried using the Add-Hierarchy-Parent-to-Post plugin, but no luck….

Would be grateful for any tips, including workarounds to get the result I am hoping for.

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