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Well after 5 days of trying to find solution, I think I need WordPress magician to help me solve this.

I am translating my WordPress site. So far I have translated over 80% of the content mainly accessing .po files via server or by using LocoTranslate

I have troubles with translating some specific content on the page:

When accessing Products section in WordPress Dashboard I can see that even the settings are translated (to Danish) but some content of the same product page are not.

Image Of PRODUCT page

What I have tried so far:

  • Checked all In Stock strings via LocoTranslate plugin (for main theme .po file and plugins file) and all are translated to Danish.

  • I changed Main language in General WP Settings

  • Tried TranslatePress plugin, and when accessing the page via it, it does not offer an option to translate In Stock part. Evan tough it offers an option to translate action button and I did that.

As I can see on the editing page In Stock is clearly part:

Product settings on Dashboard

This means “In Stock” and even here is translated, too.

Note: When refreshing the page the translation is seen for a part of a second for the BUTTON, then it changes back to English.

Well, I am desperate. Can someone offer some other solution how I can fix this?

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