plugins – Sticky Countdown Timer – Resetting Weekly?


I need a countdown timer, but I’d like it to be a narrow (height-wise) bar with JUST text (no visual pie graphs or large widgets), as a sticky header, that resets once a week and starts counting down again.

It’d be for a weekly live stream, and would need to link to wherever that is, and it’d be a plus if during a certain time frame it showed the stream as being active (manually set).

I wouldn’t be opposed to trying to use the jQuery Countdown JavaScript to make this happen, but I’m curious as to whether anyone knows of a plugin that could accomplish this a bit easier for me.

I’ve Googled around quite a bit, as well as searched StackOverflow and haven’t had much luck – every countdown timer plugin seems to be a big, clunky widget that you just try to drop in somewhere as content.

Any help in the right direction here is greatly appreciated!

Alex 1 year 2021-12-19T19:14:23-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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