plugins – Progress indicator on multi step form and search bar with dynamic results


I’m currently developing a wordpress site and I’m stuck on a few points I would like to know if some people have solutions to help me. I have to make a multi step form with the progress indicator displayed with the name of the steps that are clickable to be able to move from the first step to the last, I wanted to know if you have solutions (extensions or code) I tried with Wpform but I can not make the steps clickable, I managed to do it with Form Maker but I wanted to know if there was not another solution. The second problem I have is that I have to make a search bar with several fields that should give me a dynamic text with holes such as “+ X partners have the necessary storage capacity to support your needs, within a radius of 20km around xxx”, the “Toolset” extension seems to be a good way to make the search bar but it only gives results in the type of ad knowing that I would like a dynamic text according to the search made and the database

Paul Gosse 2 years 2021-05-03T04:13:47-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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