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I have a project going on that will be selling fresh bread and 7 types of pre-made sandwiches. No delivery, all pick up. Sandwiches need to be available for sale and pickup every day og the week, but with different amounts in stock every day. For instance; Sandwich type 1=50 pcs available monday, 30 on tuesday, 40 on wednesday etc. Sandwich types 2-7 might have the same numbers or completely different numbers. This should be set the week before. Bread is only for pick up once a week, and is currently set up using pretty much bog standard woocommerce.

So I need something that lets clients:

  • First pick what day they would like to pick up their sandwiches.
  • Then get an overview of amounts available for each sandwich type for that day.
  • Pick which sandwiches they want, and how many.
  • Confirm, and send clients to standard woo checkout.

I have not been able to find a plugin that does exactly what I need it to, but so far i’ve tried to make Booknetic work, but it’s not perfect – although I might yet be able to make it work, depending on the feedback from this post.

Anyone have any ideas for a plugin(s) to use (hopefully free ones), or any other ideas?

Project in question, current sandwich setup (in Norwegian):

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