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I am using WordPress 5.8.1 on 64 bit Windows 10 and 64 bit Firefox 94.0.1.

I have used Elementor to add a hyperlink to an image in one page, to lead to another page. The page is based on one of the defaulting themes, and is a consistent shade of lighter green.

I have inserted an image file, a .jpg with square corners. My image as been altered to have rounded corners with a purple border with thickness of 2, and is placed within the first page, which is accomplished in the page, via the image, via Elementor settings.

When logging out of WordPress to test my progress without WordPress running, but just the default install webserver serving the page, I can click on my img href link. It does indeed work, and accurately leads on to the next desired, second, web page.

My problem is that after the hyperlink image has been clicked on, the visual result is that square corners are displayed again, coloured white, and not green, or “transparent”.

What can I do so that my hyperlink image maintains its rounded corners after clicking, and does not display what seems to be squared off white corners? Is there something simple I can do, still for free, such as add some additional .css at the bottom of DashboardAppearanceCustomize ?

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