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I am stuck trying to find a solution to let users on a sport membership site fill out a form with their name and three numbers 0 – 50 each (scores from a sport) and then display a leaderboard/scoreboard where the best one shows up on top with the highest total score from the three numbers combined.

Essentially I want them to “log” their score on the site each time they’ve done a session and that there is a scoreboard showing an updated table from highest score to lowest.

Anyone used a plugin to do this sort of thing? There are a few and I havn’t been able to find which one would work.

If there is a one-off cost for the plugin its alright but would prefer to avoid subscriptions.

Many thanks for your attention!

swedenwebdeveloper 5 months 2022-07-14T02:17:17-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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