plugins – How do i move products without price to the bottom list (end) category after products with prices?


In my WooCommerce shop, Some products without prices are placed between the products with prices.

I want to move all the products without prices to the bottom of the list and order the products in shop categories, right after the products with prices.

see this image and this link

There is no such thing in WooCommerce settings. Is there a way through functions.php or other solutions?

I found a reason. By default, WooCommerce considers a post ID for each of the posts, pages, and products. And in the categories of the store, the products are sorted according to this post ID. Now, if a product without a price is added to the site last of all the products with a price. It will be displayed at the end, otherwise, it will be sorted according to its ID. which causes a disorder, and the products without a price are not placed at the end and are placed in between and among the expensive products, which is not beautiful and practical. Anyway, I want the products that don’t have a price to be displayed at the end, after the products with a price.

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