plugins – How do I implement an on-the-fly playlist of audio posts?


My blog consists exclusively of audio posts, made of: title, short description, WP audio element, a few tags.

As usual, when a user clicks a tag, he’s presented with a page listing all relevant posts.


Is there a way for me to automatically turn this listing into a playlist with a “Play All” button? Currently, the user has to view each post in order to play it, which is a major hassle.

  • I already tried various “playlist” plugins but they all require
    pre-built playlists, so that doesn’t help.
  • I also succeeded in displaying an audio element for each post in the
    listing — but then again, the user has to click each audio element.
    A small progress, but not enough.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks.

Kerans 3 months 2021-07-17T16:15:47-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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