plugins – How Can I Empower Site Visitors to Find Each Other?


I’m looking for a way to enable my site visitors to connect with each other – first online, but ultimately in person.

It’s a non-profit with a unique cause/mission, and one of our goals is to enable people who are interested in helping with the organization’s mission to meet each other in person.

The challenge is doing this in a way that’s user friendly, but also secure. We’ve thought about simply making Facebook groups for this (different groups for different localities), but ultimately we want our site and our organization to control the functionality instead of offloading it to a third party.

I suppose it would be like, except it’d be controlled through our site.

Are there any WordPress plugins available to accomplish this? I’ve looked through WordPress plugins but haven’t found anything that matches the requirements so far. Maybe I just haven’t used the right keyword.


  • Enable site visitors to find others in their local area who have also visited the site and want to meetup
  • Give members control of how much information (contact info, location, etc.) they disclose (for safety and privacy reasons)
  • Automate as much as possible so site/org admins don’t have to manually connect people with each other

We’ve considered just installing a WordPress forum, or hiring a web developer to build custom functionality. Before we do that though, we’re trying to see if plugins can accomplish this.

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